The Green Home II

The Green Home II

: Sun 19-Nov-2017 11:11:48 PM : 960


Farm stay is a part of additional source of income for improving family economy and providing hospitality to farm guests who are seeking for local farm experience and such as food, sharing local knowledge.

Farmstay is an authentic experience to share your participation, interactions with locals as well as get to know more about their ways of lives, cultures, custom and superstition. It’s a great opportunity to see reality of people working in their home gardens, rice fields and so on. Farmstay is a great opportunity to offer sustainable income to a family in the village.  It is therefore also a sustainable financial support for farmer. It also ensures that the family contribute towards the help they received, and it helps to avoid feelings of favoritism for one family within the village. By staying in the home stay, you don’t just only support the family but also have a positive economic impact on the whole village.  


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