Chreav Agro-Tourism is farm based social business that is open to the public. These specialized agro-tourism destinations generally offer things to see, things to do, and produce or gifts to buy, and are open to the public. Agro-tourism is a way of sustainable tourist development and can boost local economy  by providing an important market for farmers, it’s also connect local and international visitors to get aware with agriculture, authentic culture of the local people, real experiences of traditional food, drink and cultural performance. Moreover, this activity brings visitors closer to nature and rural activities in which they can participate, be entertained and feel the pleasure of touring.

Chreav Agro-Tourism offer farm tours are organized as educational tours, farmstay, farm walks, farm cooking class, ox-cart riding, bird watching, fishing, food and farm cycling tour. The aim of this farm tour is to make awareness to the visitors about the different types of crops and cultivation practices, harvesting methods, learning about daily activities, custom, authentic livingstyle and local culture etc.

Agro-tourism would bring many direct and indirect benefits to the people and it is an innovative agricultural activity related to tourism and agriculture both. It has a great capacity to create additional source of income and employment opportunities to the farmers.