About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

We are committed to create a unique destination and developing products and services that are superior in the South-Asia. Our hallmarks of exceptional service to all our customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to our communities, people and physical environment must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated to our corporate culture, to ensure that we are recognized world-wide as delivering our vision and achieving our mission as is defined.

Our Mission / Vision

To promote agriculture tourism to achieve income, employment and economic stability in rural communities in Cambodia; to help boost a range of activities, services and amenities provided by farmers and rural people to attract local and international tourists to their area. Thus provide opportunities for urban people to get back to the roots.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce poverty and improve the livelihood of poor rural communities in Cambodia.

Our Objectives

1- Giving a good chance for the local and foreign tourist to have a very precious leisure time in an area rich with historical, cultural, and artistic value.

2- Great job opportunities to the people in the locality by increasing farming community income, providing a broader market base, opportunities for on-farm employment so they do not have to migrate to urban areas.

3- Increasing awareness of local agricultural products, enhancing understanding of the importance of maintaining agricultural lands there by strengthening the long term sustainability of small farms.

4- Support the local population of the Community to establish farm-stay in a locally embedded style offering a real alternative to existing accommodation facilities.

5- Support the local population of community to establish eco-agro-tourism project and   Tour services.

6- Establish women’s social enterprise in community.

7- Improve the skills of local residents in producing safe dairy products.


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