• Oxcart Riding Tour
    Oxcart Riding Tour
    Agro-Tourism Cambodia
  • Farm Walking Tour
    Farm Walking Tour
    Agro-Tourism Cambodia
  • Bird watching tour
    Bird watching tour
    Half day for bird-watching in Chreav village.
  • Bird Watching at Chreav community
    Bird Watching at Chreav community
    Agro-Tourism Cambodia
  • Farm Cooking Class
    Farm Cooking Class
    Farm Cooking Class Half Day
  • Bird Watching at Chreav community
    Bird Watching at Chreav community
    Half Day with birdwatching tour

Welcome to Agro-Tourism Cambodia

An agro-tourism site in Siem Reap city is aiming to take tourists back in history by allowing them to visit one of the dwindling traditional Cambodian domestic farms and experience how much of the Kingdom once lived.

Chreav community, sitting about 10km west of the Angkor Wat temple complex, harks back to the days of oxcarts, dirt roads and manual farming. 

Chreav is a long-established community of seven villages and is home to more than 2,500 families. Now, with several private tourism companies bringing guests to experience village life, many of the families now earn their living by offering homestays to visiting tourists.

“The local people earn income from tourism by providing a homestay service, as well as selling home-grown vegetables and fruit, we keep the environment clean and we maintain our homes to make them more attractive to visitors.”

We arrange many activities, including shopping at a local market, visiting local schools, riding an oxcart, seeing vegetable farms, watching birds, learning how to cook Khmer food and enjoying a meal together. 

A tour in Chreav community can be booked as an individual or a group package. Prices start from $25 for one person, or $6 per person for a group of 11 to 25 people. The tours include an English speaking guide, admission fees, sightseeing and drinking water.

Visitors are strongly advised to dress modestly by covering their shoulders and knees, as well as bring sun cream and extra water.

Agro-tourism Cambodia can be contacted via Facebook (@AgrotourismCambodiakh) or telephone (095 334 460)



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Things to See and Do in the Community

Agro-Tourism Cambodia offers a premier tourist destination with many things to see and do. Visitors will experience many fascinating aspects of rural life in Cambodia - engaging with local farmers and artisans, participating in agricultural activities, learning how to prepare local cuisine, viewing native wildlife, and enjoying the rich and vibrant array of traditional Khmer art, culture, and customs.


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